miles: 16.5

Swimming would be at the end of our day today.

I didn't take a whole lot of photos today, as we were in the hiking zone, but I will briefly describe what it's been like out here after having not hiked this many miles in almost a year.


Are surprisingly resilient.
Surprisingly do not ache or hurt as much as we had anticipated.
Surprisingly snap into gear quickly.

We set out on this trip under the impression that we would be hurting. That our bodies were not in near as good of shape as they were last year (obviously) and that we would be struggling.

This is not the case.

Day one - we powered through the day, and although it may have been partially adrenaline, we felt great at the end of the day. It's as if our bodies immediately recognized the routine and clicked into gear.

Thru-hiking is ingrained in us and we tapped into our hiking reserve and were on autopilot.

The muscle memory is unbelievable.

It's almost as if, despite the muscular atrophy that has taken place since our hike ended last year, we are still able to tap into some sort of muscle memory/strength reserve and become a thru-hiker again.

It's that easy.

I now know what the phrase, "you only have a first thru-hike, once" means - so true.

Morning stream crossings. 

This photo doesn't do it justice, but this is a HUGE log jam. It took forever to navigate. 

We got within 8 miles of Stevens Pass and decided to call it a night. The lake was too beautiful to pass up, and we wanted so badly to take a swim.

So we did.

We would wake up early in order to get to Stevens Pass by 10:00am.



miles: 19

A series of photos from our 3rd full day out in Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

There were SO many insects bothering us. Who knew that in August we'd be so pestered!?

Rocky, Smiles and Dr. Slosh enjoy lunch after a long climb. We are about to climb.... again.

There were a lot of blow-downs on the trail.

I had been worried about this river crossing coming up. 

Panorama gone wrong, but the only photo that shows the entire river crossing.


Camp for the night. Dice, night 3. 


miles: 18

The morning began when I poked my head out of the tent and witnessed a large deer passing Smiles & Dr. Slosh's tent. Next: two fawns. 

Morning hiking is my favorite hiking.

The views. I can't.... 

Always pleased to come around the corner and see a break happening. I will always accept a break.

Morning rest stop #1

Smiles cut herself on this frayed wire. 


Lunch break on the trail - not ideal, but we HAD to stop halfway up the climb and eat something.

Shoe dry-out in progress. 

Brooks, Injinjis, Soles

Good thing no one came through during our trail take-over.

The Alps?

Still climbing. 

This was a hard climb.


View from the top! 


Low-blood sugar moment for me.

"Should we do more miles?"


me, Smiles, Dr. Slosh